Learnus is a new Think Tank.  We act as a bridge between the latest academic research and the classroom and share our findings with education policy makers.

We bring the growing body of findings and evidence from neuroscience about how people learn into mainstream and special learning believing that it will have a profound impact on our national educational system.

Our membership includes neuroscientists, educationalists, psychologists, teachers, policy makers, and commentators. 

We cannot wait for eventual changes to government policy because of the long implementation processes that characterise educational change. If we act soon we can transform our state education by raising awareness and adopting new techniques in the classroom based on evidence from scientific investigations.  No other intervention in education offers more promise than that of a clear understanding of how learning works.

Learnus is a conduit - a translator and facilitator - to sponsor the development of practical applications.  Learnus is a not-for-profit organisation, independent of commercial and political influence.

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"How will neuroscience influence education?
Prof. Michael Thomas

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