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We encourage our Members to share with us reviews about events they attend (workshops, conferences and lectures) that they feel would be of interest to the Learnus community.  These ‘reports’ will be posted in this section.  We also invite Members to share articles, preferably with a short comment as to why they think it is useful.

Supporting Struggling Learners

Learnus Annual Lecture
Dr Duncan Astle

June 2019

Richard Newton-Chance

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Getting Research into Schools:  A Workshop on writing for and engaging with educators

Manchester Institute of Education

February 2018

Steven Baker

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SEND in ITE: Built in, not bolt on

Swiss Cottage School

April 2017

Jane Emerson

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Conference: Evidence
for the frontline

June 2016

Jo Leaver-Cole
Georgina Stevens

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The Science of Learning

The Royal Society

October 2014

Richard Newton-Chance

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Whole Education Conference

Coin Street Conference Centre


26th February 2019

Jermey Dudman-Jones

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Achievement for All - Conference

June 2017

Report - Jane Emerson

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Conference on new core content for Initial Teacher Education

Central London

2 March 2017

Richard Newton-Chance

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Thoughts from Research Presentations

at the British
Medical Association

October 2016

Nigel Armitstead

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Maths Anxiety Summit

Senate House
13th June 2018

Jermey Dudman-Jones

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Diagnosis, Which Diagnosis?

Learnus Annual Lecture
Professor Sue Gathercole

May 2017

Jane Emerson

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Lecture on Neuroscience to 150 sixth form students

Ruislip High School

Jan 2017

Jeremy Dudman-Jones

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or neuro-myth

From the Centre for Educational Neuroscience

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So what do I do in my lessons next week?

Neurocuriosity 2016

Derek Bell

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